Robust reporting to deliver superior portfolio insights.

We understand the difficulties of managing around your policy portfolio and delivering consistent returns. Kiski's institutional solution combines simple, customized automated reporting with on-demand consulting from pension experts to deliver the answers you need, not the answers we think you need. 

Know What You Really Own

Without transparency from external managers, it is very difficult to understand what you really own, and therefore manage properly around the policy portfolio.


By taking in position level data, Kiski creates definitions and rules to visualize results for decision making.

Rethink Portfolio Risk

In the asset management industry today, static risk calculations are not fungible for portfolio decision making. To deliver accurate and useful risk calculations, systems need to account for client goals and broader global trends. For example, A Kiski client was having discussions about how their portfolio was positioned to perform in changing business cycle environments. Working in direct contact with the client, Kiski was able to recast the portfolio by its sensitivity to different business cycle stages, allowing the client to refine their objectives.

Risk Snapshot

Economic Cycle Risk

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