A powerful, simplified approach to managing your holdings

Kiski automates and aggregates subadvisor data to produce a reporting suite that cuts through vague manager reports and delivers the answers to the questions that matter:

  • What is my performance?

  • What are my risks?

  • How efficient am I?

Understand Performance, Decompose Risk

The Kiski Family Office Offering, powered by Kiski's Jasmine system, makes it possible to go from the portfolio, to subadvisor, to position level. The reports tell you what you really own, and how you are meeting your investment goals.

Intuitive Reports, Expert Support

Our solution was designed in conjunction with a family office investment team from the ground up to ease daily pain points and deliver answers to the most pressing questions. Subscribing to Kiski also gives you direct access to our team of asset management experts, who can help customize the offering to meet client specific needs.

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