Kiski's Core Software Platform


Jasmine is our comprehensive asset management software solution designed to improve investment processes and communication. Kiski's team partners with our clients to optimize Jasmine's productivity. 

The Jasmine Process







Deliver customized and flexible reports to accommodate all users

Quantify and visualize investment process, extraction, and efficiency

Compile and aggregate all accessible data

The Jasmine System

Being successful for the long term takes more than just a winning strategy. A strategy that works well in a small opportunity set only works for so long. Using Jasmine, managers can determine the size of opportunities.


Jasmine weaponizes your data, codifying the methods that work and facilitating the conversion of data into insights. Jasmine learns those methods from Kiski professionals and clients, who in turn see nuances in Jasmine’s output. By constantly building upon itself, Jasmine is always improving.

Possibilities with Jasmine :

  • Define portfolio characteristics and risks to extract competitive advantages

  • Analyze past performance along with historical market conditions to determine where true alpha returns are being delivered

  • Distill quantitative phenomena into a qualitative narrative to better communicate with investors 

  • Raise more capital by clearly articulating those strategies

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