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The Changing Industry

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Kiski identifies the strengths of a manager's process and isolates their winning strategy into a tailored investable product that will either be a single strategy or will be integrated into a multi-strategy product.

At Kiski, we are changing the way that capital is allocated. Size has historically been a proxy for organizational investability; track record is the generally accepted litmus test for investment talent.  Neither are efficient mechanisms for evaluating sub-scale product. What matters is the strength of the investment process. 

Active managers have seen their information advantage diminish because of the democratization of market data. Discretionary managers are scrambling in a technology race to build new alphas with new data sets but many lack the understanding how to analyze and incorporate them into their discretionary trading processes.

Success relies on a combination of data-driven strategies, asking the right questions, and having the discretionary expertise to combine them in the right fashion.

The Changing Industry


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Old Requirement

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"The old way of people sitting in a room picking stocks, thinking they are smarter than the next guy—that does not work anymore." 

Mark Wiseman, BlackRock Head of Active Equities 

"What does work, better than a machine or a person alone is person, plus machine, plus process."
Kevin Becker, Kiski Group CEO

Our Value Proposition: Alpha Engineering

Kiski’s unique value proposition allows us to sit on the convergence of the quantitative and qualitative. Equipped with a data information advantage, strong in-house analytical skills, and deep relationships with our sub-advisors, we are uniquely positioned to identify core alpha skills embedded in our extensive pool of managers and then wrap such alpha skills into a Kiski investment vehicle.

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Core Skillset Asset Management Product


Product Suite

The key to designing and delivering robust solutions that target specific outcomes for our clients is technology. At Kiski, clients come first, we are in the business of improving our clients' performance by means of implementing high quality value-add solutions.

Guided by those activities, Kiski offers core portfolio building blocks:

  • Single Strategy: Refined and bespoke single-manager pure alpha funds.

  • Multi Strategy: Multi strategy funds that combine vetted alpha sources into an optimized portfolio.

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